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The facilities offer: 

 - wide concrete aisle 17 stall main barn with 12' X 12' rubber matted stalls

-options for individual paddock or group pasture turnout

- 2 tack rooms and client bathrooms and kitchen

- High-quality Nutrena feed, quality Patterson horse bedding, and excellent hay

- Owners live on-site

Our riding facilities include:

- Round Pen

- Lit Indoor Arena

- Large Outdoor Lit Arena

- Access to national forest trails

- Jumps and Roping Chute

- Arena drag

Our proximity to the Angelina National Forest allows for the miles of trails in Turkey Hill Wildlife management area to be just a ride off the farm away. Within 30 minutes driving distance of the farm, there are also many great places to trail ride including Ebenezer Park at Lake Sam Rayburn, Boykin Springs, and the Sabine National Forest.